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15+ Year Tattoo Artist & Shop Owner in Escondido

One of San Diego’s Top Tattoo Artists

Brandon Castillo, AKA Sixer Tattoo

I create one-of-a-kind tattoos and positive experiences to go with them. Getting a tattoo is an emotional journey. It’s not just about coming up with a concept, crafting a design, and putting it on your body. You want to make sure you get the right artist, who understands your intention and can create something amazing that will last forever.

As a shop owner with 16+ years of experience and a reputation for compassion and quality, I’m dedicated to the craft and to honoring your vision. Let’s make it happen together.

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A Sample of My Work

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Client Reviews

Here's what my clients say.

Specializing in My Own Eclectic Tattoo Style

Get a Tattoo That’s as Unique as You Are to Wear with Pride for Life (and a Positive Experience and Memory Attached to It)

I specialize in creating tattoos with meaning for people of all walks of life—from first-timers to collectors and everyone in between—and have been doing so since 2009.

My goal is to understand your intent and use my mastery of tattooing traditions and the latest techniques to make a tattoo as unique as you are—blending styles from traditional to black and gray realism to neotraditional together in a unique style. With 16+ years of tattooing, I make art worn with pride for life, not just to look good on Instagram while fresh.

Put my skills as a dedicated, professional artist and visual storyteller to work for you.

Whether it’s your first tattoo or one hundredth… I guarantee that you’ll leave happy.

Who I Work With

A Bit About My Clients

I have a diverse crowd of clients and love working with all kinds of people from various backgrounds and walks of life. You’ll find I’m open to you as a person, interested in your ideas, and want you to come as you are. My best clients tend to be similar, open to who I am as an artist and as a person who is setting out to engage deeply with your creative idea.

My best clients are clear on what they want yet open-minded. They like my style and trust me to work with their ideas. Communicate with me, be honest about your ideas, intentions, and inspiration, and I’ll give you the art that is perfect for you.

What I Don’t Do

I Won’t Work with You if I Can’t Produce a Tattoo You’re Ecstatic With

Some artists are picky about not only the designs they do but the people they work with. My expectations are simple: you like my work and are open-minded.

If you have a design already made with strict requirements or think that you will want to introduce a ton of specific changes to my design to get it right, I’m probably not a fit. I’ve been doing this work for a long time and find that my experience and care are enough to make great art. Situations where clients micro-manage the design are less fun for both of us and tend to negatively affect the final work.


If you have a clear idea, some inspiration sources, and trust me to interpret them, then you’re a great fit for what I do.

MY Philosophy

Positivity, Inspiration, Professionalism

I want to inspire and create positivity in the world. I’m trying to live a good life and help others do the same. I take pride in having good energy, making people feel welcome, and putting that into the world. I don’t take part in gossip or conflict. Life is difficult at times and I think it really matters what energy you’re putting out to others.

I also think it’s important to have honor and professionalism in your work, especially in this work, where people show up to do something vulnerable, permanent, and often deeply meaningful. It’s important to me to not only do no harm, but to create exceptional art and a positive memory of getting it.

Brandon Castillo With Client

My Process

This is How I Work with Clients


Online Consult and Booking

It’s easy to share your idea and inspiration. I’ll get details including inspiration images and photos of the area you want tattooed. If it sounds like we’re a fit, you’ll be able to book online at your convenience. At every step, it’s easy to communicate and coordinate. My process is very spontaneous yet rigorous. Once I have your appointment booked and your photos, I get my gears turning in my mind.


Expert Design & Placement

I only book one appointment per day so I can strictly focus on you and your art. Show up and we’ll review your idea and inspiration and start brainstorming concepts. I work a lot with clients to translate their idea into a design, taking it to them and asking a lot of questions about the style, the aesthetic, and shading. I typically do a mockup on my iPad to nail down the perfect placement and give you a sense of what it will look like.


Putting Ink to Skin

After the initial design and placing the stencil, I do my thing. Typically, I spend a lot of time working the details, getting it just right. I make sure it’s applied to age well, keeping in mind the placement and your skin type. I don't do things just one way and leave room for creativity at this step, elaborating on the design to accentuate the shape and flow of your body. While I put in however much time it takes to have a productive session, I stay attuned to you, taking breaks as often as needed.


Your Killer New Tattoo

You’ll have a piece that turns heads and fills you with pride. I bring my experience and my mastery of the latest design technology to create great tattoos consistently. I see a lot of work on Instagram that looks weird and can tell it looked great as a stencil but looks off on the body. I take pride in ensuring my tattoos look great for life.


Long-Term Care & Relationship

Before I send you off, I provide aftercare products and instructions to help you use them. I’m serious about aftercare and about quality control. Typically, I follow up to check in on you to see how things are healing. And I follow up once things are healed to get a photo or have you drop in, to make sure it has healed perfectly.


My Shop and Details

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Here are a few more details you might be curious about.

I only take half day appointments (scheduled from 2-6 p.m.) and I charge $800 for a half day. If we need to go just a bit over time, I will often do that at no extra cost. If we decide it would help to have a couple of extra hours, we can spend that extra time for an extra $300. I require a $200 deposit to book. This will be applied to the cost of your tattoo.

As a shop owner with a family, I find this approach helps me give the exceptional client experience I want to give, not just as a tattooer, but throughout the shop. Keep in mind that as a high experienced tattoo artist, I work quickly and efficiently, usually able to get done in a half day what takes many tattooers a full day. I only do one appointment per day, so you can be sure you’ll get my full attention and creative energy for the day. 

My rates are based on my industry experience and the effort I’ve put into honing processes to help make great tattoos every time. And, on my desire to make great tattooing accessible. Many artists with my experience charge more. As a shop owner, I have the flexibility to keep my rates competitive so I can work with people from all walks of life. Charging this amount also covers the costs for me to use the best-of-the-best inks and equipment and to provide an all-in-one experience. All said and done, this is art that will be on your body for life. When you invest in a tattoo from me, you’ll love it for life. If that sounds like a great investment, let’s make some great custom art for you.

I’m compassionate and considerate. I give you my word you will be treated with kindness and respect by me and by everyone else in my shop. I can read people very well, especially as the owner with a lot of experience in this industry. I am not only kind but will stay attuned to you to help keep you comfortable, ensuring a positive experience. Every artist is a reflection on each other and the shop, so I’ve also selected and cultivated them based on these qualities. We’re not one of those shops with a cold and distant vibe where you find abrasive music blaring. We make space for everyone.

I’m a stickler about cleanliness. I take bloodborne pathogen classes every year and have now re-done it yearly for 16 years. I’m diagnosed with OCD. You won’t notice this much, but it shows in how meticulous I am with cleanliness and my process. You may notice a lot of hand washing. If I even touch a jar that might be contaminated, I’m going to wash my hands again. I require cleanliness in the shop as a whole as well. Not only does everyone observe stringent sanitation routines, we also use 100% disposable cartridges.

I use nothing but the best and healthiest pigments and cartridges. I’m obsessive about everything I use, not just in terms of the quality of art produced but in ensuring your health and safety.

I’m an extremely versatile artist who can pretty much do it all. My art is my own: it’s eclectic, and if you like what you see in my portfolio and want something like it, I’m the only one who can give you that.

But I will never tattoo outside my comfort zone. My aim is for you to have great art and a great experience. If what you want isn’t something I can give you as a mind-blowing piece, I will personally take it on myself to find you the right artist. There are 10 artists in my shop and I also won’t hesitate to call on my connections in the broader San Diego tattooer community to help you get what you want.

If it’s close and you’re not quite sure, go ahead and start the process.

I’ll help you get a great piece.

I pride myself on clear and timely communication. My online communication systems and booking process are a breeze. I make it easy to communicate your idea, share inspiration, and stay in contact with me. Once you pay your deposit, you can access my calendar and see available spots to book directly at your convenience. And if you need a hand or have a question, it’s easy to connect.

I won’t copy someone else’s work. I’m happy to utilize another tattooer’s piece as a source of inspiration, but won’t do a replica. If you like my style and the tattoos in my portfolio and want me to interpret a piece you like to make unique art that belongs solely to you, then I’m happy to help make it happen.

As a long-time artist with a stable of returning clients and fairly high demand, I’m sometimes booking out a month or two in advance. In rare cases, longer. If you want something faster, don’t hesitate to go ahead and put down your deposit and reach out to see if I can fit you in sooner. If not, I have a large shop with a diverse set of talented artists I’ve hand-selected for my crew. We can get you a killer piece, ensure a good experience, and get you in for the work in a timely manner.

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